Planet Earth Creations is a full organic nutrient company that is geared toward the horticultural and agricultural industries. We offer the most organic nutrients for your crops!

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Planet Earth • Compost Tea

Directions for brewing Planet Earth Tea:

  1. Drop tea bag in a 5 gallon bucket.
  2. Fill bucket with water and add 5 tsp of molasses.
  3. Aerate tea with air stone.
    (Aeration helps microbes to expand more rapidly).
  4. Use Compost tea in both Veg and Bloom stages.
  5. Use with current nutrient regiment every feed and watering at a rate of 200 ml per gallon.

Planet Earth • Compost Tea

Our blend of 23 different compost materials, is sure to provide vigorous vegetative and bloom growth.

Vegetative Growth
Bloom Growth
Increase Yield
Best for Hydroponics